Hypertension in cats: Regular eye exams are necessary

If your cat has high blood pressure, you should have your pet's eyes checked regularly by a veterinarian. This is especially true for older velvet paws over eight years old. Because high blood pressure can have bad effects on the eyes, especially in old age. For your cat's eyesight, you should have your vet check your blood pressure regularly - Shutterstock / Mr.Nikon

Hypertension is a common disease in cats. In most cases, however, it does not occur alone, but is a side effect of other major diseases such as renal insufficiency or hypothyroidism. If you do not have your cat treated, you risk not only serious damage to the kidneys, nervous system and cardiovascular system, but also to the eyes.

Hypertension affects eyes

Massey University in Auckland, Australia conducted a study on 73 domestic cats. In twelve of the velvet paws examined, damage to certain eye areas was found, which typically occurs with increased blood pressure. In ten of the twelve cats, hypertension or chronic kidney disease was actually diagnosed - or even both. And three of them were even diagnosed with severe visual impairment, since the retina, choroid or optic nerve were much more damaged than in the other cats. These results show that high blood pressure in cats can have a significant impact on the eyes if you don't do something about it in time.

Thorough check-up of cats necessary

If your cat is diagnosed with high blood pressure, have your veterinarian examine you thoroughly. It can be an indication of another, possibly more serious illness, such as renal insufficiency or an underactive thyroid.

If no organs are damaged and your cat's blood pressure is not yet in the critical range, it may be sufficient to focus the treatment on the main disease. You could probably do without medication in consultation with your veterinarian for the time being. Be sure to have your kitty’s blood pressure checked regularly. If hypertension is diagnosed, regular eye examinations are also advisable.

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You can also do that

But you can do even more for the well-being of your house tiger and prevent high blood pressure. For example, make sure that your cat gets enough vitamin C and E from the food. Both vitamins have a slightly hypotensive effect. Olive leaf extract can have a comparable effect. Omega-3 fatty acids can also help lower your cat's blood pressure. In any case, talk to your veterinarian about these measures first.

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