Cole and Marmalade help with bedding

You know that: When the beds are made at home, cats are always helpful. Whether on, under or with the bed sheet: They never lack a wealth of ideas when it comes to having fun with fresh bedding.

In their latest video, they prove that the popular cat buddies Cole and Marmalade are big fans of bedding. The red cat Marmalade first plays a few rounds of hiding with the new sheet and then rages vigorously with the second cat Cole. After that, the fresh duvets are inspected and the cheeky cat watches closely whether his master is doing everything right.

When the bed is ready, the best part comes: the two delightful little tigers romp around to their hearts' content on their new soft play area. If it is up to them, this part of the housework could be on the program every day!

Pillows, blankets, beds: ten cats are comfortable!

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