Large cat breeds: tips for buying

Maine Coon, Norwegian Forest Cat, Savannah or Ragdoll: If you want a representative of a large cat breed to move in with you, there are some special features to consider. With a few tips, everything is quickly ready for your new pet. "Is everything ready for me? Then I can move in!" - Image: Shutterstock / Kachalkina Veronika

Whether cat litter box, scratching post or basket: The accessories for large cat breeds should have exactly the same XXL format as the parlor tiger itself.

Stable equipment and enough space

Corresponding stability is indispensable, especially in the cat tree. If a four-legged four-legged friend gets going, his gymnastics equipment must of course withstand. It is best to attach the scratching opportunity to the wall or the ceiling.

If you are wondering whether your apartment or house is large enough for representatives of large cat breeds, the peculiarity of the respective breed plays an important role. A Savannah or a Bengal cat, for example, is not only big, but also incredibly active. These cat breeds need a lot of space and ideally also free space to really let off steam.

Quieter cat species such as the Ragdoll, on the other hand, can be kept in the apartment quite easily and do not need as much space. The Maine Coon and the Norwegian Forest Cat are also happy with smaller apartments - the main thing is that they have plenty of opportunities to climb, play and of course cuddle with their owners.

Groom and feed large cat breeds

Since some large breeds of cats tend to have joint diseases such as hip dysplasia, it is important to have them examined regularly by the veterinarian. Make sure that your cat does not become overweight and that it is fed a healthy and balanced diet. While your XXL-Stubentiger is still growing, a lot of emphasis should be placed on the balanced feed composition for young, big cats. Your vet will be happy to advise you in this regard.

Beautiful giants: large breeds of cats