Sibling love: These two kittens cannot live without each other

The two tiny little kittens in the video are called Prima and Nova and are sisters. You are currently being nursed by foster mom Melinda Blain in the United States. The minimiezis could unfortunately not be looked after by their cat mother - but luckily they have each other to cuddle and love.

Melinda Blain specializes in newborn kittens as a cat grooming mom. When she found out that the cat mom of Prima and Nova was overwhelmed with the size of her litter and could not take care of the two smallest and weakest babies, she jumped in immediately.

The siblings have nice and cozy warmth in the incubator and in between there is always the bottle. And when foster mom Melinda doesn't have time to cuddle, the little lucky cat Nova and her sister, the red-tigered prima, just hug each other very closely.

Sibling love can be so beautiful. And there will definitely be a lovely person who will adopt the two Schnuffelschnuten together as soon as they are old enough.

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