Cat worms: tapeworms and roundworms

Not only are they dangerous to your cat, they can also be transmitted to humans: tapeworms and roundworms. You can get rid of the parasites quickly with modern worms. Young cats are particularly prone to roundworms - Shutterstock / Jan Nor Photography

Tapeworms and roundworms have one thing in common: as eggs or larvae, they usually enter a cat's body via an intermediate host. This happens when the velvet paw sniffs or licks plants, other conspecifics or objects that are infected with worm eggs or larvae. In a fully grown cat, massive infestation usually leads to problems. But young kittens in particular are susceptible to worms. The parasites can be a great danger for them.

Tapeworms cause gastrointestinal problems

The best known to many animal lovers is the tapeworm, which causes disgust just because of its length. It can grow up to several meters long. Tapeworms are excreted in the feces and often get stuck to the cat's anus, where animal owners discover it. The parasite nests on the intestinal wall of the cat. It can cause digestive problems from constipation to bowel obstruction or malnutrition. The house tiger then often looks limp, its fur is shaggy and lackluster.

Roundworms are a danger to young cats

Roundworms are roundworms. They are 15 to 35 centimeters long and settle in the small intestine. They trigger almost the same symptoms as tapeworms. However, roundworms can also migrate through the cat's body and subsequently damage other organs such as the kidneys, liver and lungs or nest in the eyes, where they lead to visual disturbances. Small kittens in particular are susceptible to roundworms. A typical sign is a hard, bloated stomach and delayed growth. If the roundworms migrate to the lungs, life-threatening pneumonia can occur.

Tapeworms and roundworms are easy to treat. You get modern worms from your vet, which you can give your darling every three months. However, do not take lightly worms on your cat. This is especially true because the worms are also transmitted to humans and can make you sick.

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