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Sugar-sweet rabbit mom with her babies

The cute rabbit lady in the video is called Anna and has had young for the first time. The little floppy-eared rabbits lie next to her in a basket and are wrapped up nice and warm. The animals in the video are eleven days old. Family cat Paisley stays in the background and watches the little mini hoppers.

There is a heat storage pillow in the basket so that the tiny rabbit babies don't freeze. Unfortunately, one of the three drooping tubes has inherited a dwarf gene from both parents; it is underdeveloped, much smaller and weaker than its siblings. In English such rabbit babies are called "peanut" (peanut), in German they are referred to as Kümmerling or Mickerling. The chances of survival for such rabbits are unfortunately not good at all ... Often they only live for a few days. As you can read in the comment below the video, the little guy in the movie didn't make it either. The seedling died the day after the admission.

The other two rabbits are fine, they drink milk from their mom and look healthy and cheerful. At the end they come back to their cuddly basket before they go back to the rabbit nest to sleep.

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